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I am a creative mind with a nurturing heart. As a Cancer sun, Gemini moon and Aquarius rising, I am inspired to work with people in producing art and event floral arrangements with depth and beauty.

I am dedicated to following my soul in all of the directions it wants to take me, striding to live a lifestyle of creative flow. I am a full-time florst, part-time artist with modalities ranging from painting and collage to fashion design and creation.

I also work with Tarot, Reiki Healing and my empathetic intuition to support my clients in working through their energies, emotions and overall life circumstances. This service cultivates a safe space to support my clients toward finding themselves and igniting their passions.

Beau Peep is an ever evolving space as it it is an extension of myself, and as it flows and shifts, I do to. 


- Reiki Level 1 and 2 Practitioner 2018

- Tarot Reading Course 2015

- Florist/Flower Artist

- Commission and Collaborative Experience

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