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I saw Isabeau at a time in my life where I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed. The tarot reading and reiki combined left me feeling absolutely free and like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Isabeau's ability to make you comfortable is unmatched, as soon as I walked in to the room I felt calm and cared for. She is amazing at what she does and I will be recommending this service to everyone I know. I am so impressed and overjoyed after this experience and will definitely be booking again.

Beau is an amazing and spiritual guide at the healing centre. I felt as though I was being seen and heard for the first time by another. During our session I felt as though I could be my most authentic self and really open myself up to the opportunity of a self growth.
From the first big welcome hug to the extended hour of our session, I was truly at harmony with getting to know myself and what my past has brought into present. I will definitely be working with Beau throughout my journey and learning a lot from her along the way and I cannot wait to do this again.



I couldn’t recommend Isabeau enough, from the moment i walked in she made me feel comfortable and at home. Throughout my healing session she constantly checked in on how I was feeling and throughly explained everything to me which i really appreciated, she’s amazing at what she does.

My experience with Beau was as beautiful and healing as one would want. She went through our session with a continuous empathetic and harmonious nature, always making me feel comfortable and heard. I felt like she was completely in tune with herself but also me.
Her tarot reading was extremely detailed and her wisdom with words and intuition really shone throughout the reading. Beau’s healing skills through her reiki healing were a pleasure to feel. My body swirled with wonderful feelings of warmth and lightness that can sometimes be hard to find in everyday life. I left feeling wholesome and fantastic and I am looking forward to future sessions with her.



My session with Isabeau made me feel the most relaxed I’d felt in (literally) years. After my session, I felt like I had been physically and mentally reset. My stress levels were down, and my focus was way up.
This was my first experience with this type of healing, and Isabeau guided me through with so much care and love. She creates such a beautiful, warm, and trusting space, and I cannot recommend her services enough.

Starting with a tarot reading 100% makes for a more intuitive healing session. I arrive with pieces of myself misplaced and leave lighter, balanced and full of light. Your sessions are truly magic, thank you x



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